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Land Administration

4th & D Streets
P.O. Box 188
Gothenburg, NE
(308) 537-3582;
(308) 529-0009
415 Lincoln St.
P.O. Box 740
Holdrege, NE
(308) 995-3563;
4th & D Streets
P.O. Box 188
Gothenburg, NE
(308) 991-9778
(308) 537-3582 x 4184
4th & D Streets
P.O. Box 188
Gothenburg, NE
(308) 529-7544
(308) 537-3582 ext. 4179
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Johnson Lake Master Trails Plan

Johnson Lake residents are actively promoting the goal of a trail circling the entire lake.  Having a planning document such as this Master Trail Plan that identifies routes and facilities will enable the creation of a safe and accessible trail system.  The Master Trail Plan serves as a guide for routes and projects and is subject to adjustments as conditions and experience necessitate. –CLICK HERE TO VIEW PART 1     –CLICK HERE TO VIEW PART 2  –CLICK HERE TO VIEW PART 3

Johnson No. 2 (J-2) Hydroplant Operating Schedule

Designed to advise landowners, waterfowl hunters, and other recreational interests along the Platte River downstream of the J-2 Return about hydroelectric operations that can affect river flows.  This schedule can change often, and without notice. CLICK HERE TO VIEW SCHEDULE

Recreational Resources

The development of The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District created many unforeseen benefits. Originally constructed in the late 1930s and early 1940s to bring irrigation to a parched area of south-central Nebraska — while generating hydroelectric power — the recreational benefits of the project’s reservoirs, canals, and canyon lakes soon became apparent. By impounding the unpredictable flows of the North Platte River in Lake McConaughy and diverting some of the river’s flow into a supply canal that created other reservoirs, the project laid the groundwork for the development of varied water-related outdoor recreation unique in the central Great Plains.

This document summarizes recreational facilities and opportunities available within The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District.

Lake McConaughy Boat Ramps

Check on the availability of boat ramps at Nebraska’s largest reservoir. Even under drought conditions, Central and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission are taking steps to ensure continued boat access to the lake. CLICK HERE FOR BOAT RAMP INFO

Reservoir Elevations

Keep tabs on lake elevations at Central’s main storage/regulating reservoirs, as well as flows at various gauges along the North Platte, South Platte and Platte Rivers. CLICK HERE TO VISIT PAGE