Lake River Data

Readings for Monday, January 24, 2022

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LocationToday (Feet above Sea Level)1 Week Ago1 Month Ago1 Year Ago
Lake McConaughy3,241.0 = 1,109,300ac-ft (63.6% capacity)3,240.63,239.43,245.5
Jeffrey Lake2,758.22,757.92,758.52,758.3
Johnson Lake2,616.52,616.52,616.22,616.5
Elwood Reservoir2,580.82,580.82,581.72,582.1
StationToday (Cubic Feet per Second)1 Week Ago1 Month Ago1 Year Ago
Inflows to McConaughyN/A750962968
Total Outflows from McConaughyN/A28441578
North Platte at KeystoneN/A283628
Keystone DiversionN/A0405550
North Platte at North PlatteN/A500372350
South Platte at RoscoeN/AN/AN/A142
South Platte at North PlatteN/A284219250
Supply Canal Diversion980784799776
Platte at OvertonN/A800817774
Platte at KearneyN/AN/A1400493
Platte at Grand IslandN/AN/A1110705
Flows and elevations are provisional. Readings from measuring equipment may be affected during icing conditions.

Lake McConaughy Weekly Temperature Readings

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