FEBRUARY 5, 2018 – 9:00 A.M.

1. Open Meetings Act

2. Roll Call

3. Public Input

4. Consent Agenda

  • Approval of the following change to the January 2, 2018 Regular Business Meeting Minutes:
2018 WATER LEASING PROGRAM ACRES: Dave Ford presented a summary of the 2018 water leasing program, totaling 2,055 acres from 112 accounts.
It was moved by Director R. Olson and seconded by Director Soneson to approve 2,055 acres from the accounts presented for the 2018 Water Leasing Program. Upon voting on the motion, the following Directors voted therefore: Bogle, Fowler, Mueller, David Nelson, Dudley Nelson, R. Olson, S. Olson, Petersen, Rowe, and Soneson. Absent: Dahlgren and Knoerzer. None voted no and the motion was declared carried.
  • Approval of Minutes of Regular Business Meeting of the Board of Directors held January 2, 2018
  • Approval of Minutes of Special Meeting of the Board of Directors held January 26, 2018
  • Approval of Minutes of Committee Meeting of the Board of Directors held January 26, 2018
  • Approval of the February Disbursements:
Hydro Division:

Check #s 56179 through 56394 and 8899547 through 8899563

(Accounts Payable)

Check #s 9914366 through 9914473 (Payroll)

Kingsley Division:

Check #s 2987 through 2993 (Accounts Payable)

J-2 Regulating Reservoir Construction Fund:

Check # NONE (Accounts Payable)

Glendo Division:

Check # NONE

Flex Spending Account:

Check # 8110

  • Approval of Hydro Division Budget Revision #1 to the 2018 Budget as follows:
Hydro-Electric Division Capital BudgetCurrent BudgetProposed BudgetDifference
Snow Plow – Kingsley Dam0$6,400$6,400
  • Approval of Work Order No. 107382 – Snow Plow ($6,387.00)
  • Approval of Work Order No. 186548 – Rubber Tire Excavator ($138,352.42)
  • Approval of Contract Change Order No. 2 – SEL Engineering Services, Contract No. 0-677 ($4,760.00)
  • Approval of Progress Estimate No. 3 (Final), Caterpillar Financial Services Corp. for Leased 2015 Caterpillar Excavator ($134,322.74)
  • Approval of Johnson Lake Tenant’s Application to the Hardship Relief Program (customer who applied after the December 1st deadline)
  • Approval to Provide Matching Funds from the Lake Improvement Fund in the amount of $2,000.00 to Support Payment of the Lakeside Golf Course’s Annual Lease Fee
  • Approval of a Change in Meeting Location of the March 5, 2018 Regular Business Meeting at 9:00 a.m. to the Rodeway Inn, Holdrege, NE
  • Approval of a Change in the Time of the July 2, 2018 Regular Business Meeting to 1:30 p.m.
  • Approval of Van Diest Supply Co.’s Bid for the 2018 Chemicals in the amount of $156,856.52

5. Water Service Agreements

6.  Agreement with United States Fish and Wildlife Service for Waterfowl Production Areas

7.  Work Order for Used Backhoe Loader

8.  Hardship Relief Program

9. 2018 Vehicle Bids

Bid Group 18-1;  Bid Group 18-2;  Bid Group 18-3;  Bid Group 18-4;  Bid Group 18-5; and Bid Group 18-6

10.  Agreement for Professional Services – Oak Creek Engineering, LLC

11. Elwood Dam Safety Report

12. Uehran v. CNPPID

13. Personnel

14. Legislation

15. Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

16. Director’s Attendance

17. Board Comments

18. Operations Report

19. Committee Meeting of the Board – February 23, 2018 at 9:00 a.m., Holdrege, NE